Dear Apple.

Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌
For Rhinoshield, use code “MRBOSS” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards).

Music is from Epidemic sound:


  1. #3 BG music title?

  2. Mrwhosetheboss, can you please talk about Samsung in your next video? Samsung is better than apple in many ways, and Samsung should win this global smartphone competition once and for all, isn’t it? Please help Samsung, Mrwhosetheboss, so that you can make things big in your channel and hit 1.6 Bllion views and 10 Million views within the next few months!

  3. Nethsara Sandeepa Elvitigala

    And as a web developer, Safari is the worst browser ever (after IE of course, but since it’s not active now it doesn’t matter), there are so many cool features in web that get added to the web every day but safari is so slow on keeping up with the developments, so most websites don’t use then because lots of people are using Safari, please people at least switch to Opera mobile, even it is better than Safari.

  4. i am watching with a 75$ phone. i dream to have the latest flagship at around 1200$

  5. I use a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s, and the face ID can work with or without wearing a mask. I’m just surprised

  6. I always wonder why there are no high end games for mobiles. They can handle it now but we’re still stuck with basic games.

  7. With the “smooth design”, I do not want to go back to what we had before.

  8. Arun the TEEMO player !

  9. My FaceID recognizes me even with a mask on and it doesn’t matter which half of my face it covers. (Poco X3 Pro)

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