Dead by Daylight | Sadako Rising | Reveal Trailer

Unutterable horrors lurk underneath the water.

Spread the affliction to Dead by Daylight with Sadako Rising, a new Chapter encouraged by Kōji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and the original film adaptation.

Sadako Rising features a new Killer – The Onryō — and a new Survivor, Yoichi Asakawa.

Available March 8, 2022.

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Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action/horror game where one participant takes on the position of a cruel Killer and the other four play as Survivors. As a Killer your goal is to sacrifice as many Survivors as achieveable. As Survivors your goal is to collaborate to avoid, escape, and most importantly – remain alive.      

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  1. Old Spirit 1.5?

  2. i play long time … uninstall game because your broken game give me back my screen resolution !!!

  3. Subtitulos by Nekro

    If she walk in “Spider Walk” She will be more creeppy

  4. She can crawl on walls so shouldn’t that me in the game 🤔

  5. They added James Charles?

  6. I need to ask this because I haven’t received my 5 or 6K of Iridescent shards in my game they said we will receive that kind of shard because they remove Leatherface mask

  7. Yeah Toast Shy-Guy

    There’s so many people suggesting that she should be able to crawl as movement when that’s a different character, Kayako, and said character could also come to DbD as we already have similar characters like; Hillbilly and Leatherface, and, Legion and Ghost Face in the game.

  8. ロブスターチャンネル


  9. KADOKAWAは自分のところでも多数ゲームを出してるからこういう企画をスムーズに実現できる人材がいる。

  10. Why the heck do PC players get to play it now, but console players have to wait till March?

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