DBZA Creator Commentary: Best of Season 1

Here is a recap of all of the SEASON 1 rewatch with KaiserNeko and Lanipator!


  1. Shame they didn’t also had raditz also haunt vegeta; one to give him more spotlight and as an early counterpart of piccolo ending up with nail and kami.

  2. The epic foreshadowing part actually worked cause you think it’s foreshadowing nappa’s death, but actually, it’s foreshadowing ghost Nappa

  3. SMToon Entertainment

    It’s honestly just amazing to see you guys again

  4. I just wish you can mount on the Pokmon you choose I miss mounting on a golurk at times and you can only do that in pixelmon. Sadly you cant get a cryogonal easily in pixelmon so thats outta the picture too to enjoy pixelmon servers.

  5. To this day, I still love the Ghost Nappa song and gag.

  6. I was 5 when you started dbz a

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