DAYCARE UPDATE – Pet Simulator X Update Preview

Today I showed the brand-new update coming to you TODAY! BRAND NEW DAYCARE.. NEW SECRET AREA.. 2 FREE HUGE PETS.. & SO MUCH MORE…


  1. Pls huge and titanic big mascot exclusive egg

  2. Can you pls add a valentines world we’re there is only valentine piles bc it is hard to break 100 piles were the piles barely spawn

  3. I Put My Hippomelon in The Daycare

  4. Ok thats the best update ever

  5. Make me Partner

  6. I Hate this update. I put all my dark matter love lions (my best pets) in the daycare. After 6h I look there and they are missing! They are not with me, not in my bank not in Daycare and I know for a fact I didn’t trade it. I need those pets back. 1 week of straight up hatching just went down the drain. I hate this so-called update.

    My username is @SkepticalStrife10
    My display name is MythicalAarav

  7. Josh you bug game remove me 3 huges cupcakes I give to a friend and he return to me but I crashed and in he’s history he said he five to me but in mine no

  8. Don’t ignore this menssage

  9. Update idea: adding a new thing that will let you to get gamepasses for gems so like something that will be for 249 robux it will be 100mil × in diamonds so it will be for 249mil gems and whatever other stuff u will add
    Edit:2. Make the enchant machine enchant as much as possible till u get the enchant i want
    Edit:3. Give me a huge hell rock

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