Day in the Life of a Japanese Waitress

A day in the life of a Japanese waitress in Tokyo working at a Japanese teppanyaki eating place. This is a normal work day for a waitress in the Japanese food industry and the normal working hours in Japan. This is a look inside of Japanese work culture in Japanese eating places. Working in Japan is quite distinct and depending on the industry could be a bit different from job to job, but many of the jobs in addition share comparable hallmarks. The video clip goes after Yuki in her typical japan work day from morning until the night and everything that happens in between at work. She arrives at the teppanyaki eating place when it opens and leaves when it closes, really typical for Japanese eating places. Yuki is a waitress at Pandora, a Teppanyaki eating place, Japanese style flat grill, which has been a local favorite since 1972 serving Kobe beef steaks and teppanyaki course meals. During her time working as a full-time waitress, she learned the significance of perusing and expecting the consumers needs and acting upfront. It is a powerful part of a Japanese omotenashi culture, a deep and truthful form of hospitality, treating consumers with respect without any requesting anything in return. So for her, even a grin from her consumers brings her true happiness. One of the main reasons why in Japan hints at the finish of the meal are really uncustomary.

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  1. Uploaded another behind the scenes video on my Tokyo Zebra channel Watch all of my Japan Day in the Life videos on this playlist Help support the channel and get my Tokyo Merch

    • I loved this one!! It was nice to see a fellow hospitality worker in another country. And a fellow otaku!! I no longer work in the food industry but seeing the Japanese end was fantastic. Thank you! 🇦🇺

    • Hi Paolo, I am a huge fan. I am Muslim, from Cape Town. One day, I intend on visiting Tokyo. Could you make a video and compile a list of halal places to eat?

  2. 🤩👍🏻

  3. Yuki is amazing at her work!!!

  4. She’s awesome 😆 I love anime too so I wish I could visit Tokyo just once😆 so lucky to live and work there. Kyoto too I want to visit cause I’m a massive kyoani fan so thanks for taking us around Paolo and crew😆

  5. Bruh Yuki’s futon is the CUTEST thing ive ever seen WTF. Love how “cute” stuff is a much more widely accepted thing in Japanese (and probably other Asian?) culture

    BRUH AND IT TURNS INTO A CHAIR im gunna cryyyyyy 😭

  6. love the series as always, and the girl is cute~ plus, I’m an otaku as well, haha~

  7. she deserves a raise.

  8. I love how Pablo takes time to explain what Otaku means to an audience full of them…..

  9. A video request Paolo – Day in the life of Foreign/Exchange Student in Japan.

  10. she does a lot omg AMAZING
    good job girl! also, nice taste of anime!

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