Day in the Life of a Japanese Knife Maker

A day in the life of a Japanese Knife maker working in knife manufactory in Seki City Japan. This is what a normal work day would be for a knife technician in the manufactioning plant and outdoors of workplace. The Japanese work culture can be seen in her everyday activities. In addition, this is how Japanese knives are made. Nene works as a knife technician at Zwilling J.A. Henckels Japan, initially a 291-year-old German Knife maker who eventually setup an office in Japan and later obtained their knife production line here in Seki city, in addition known in Japan as the city of blades, crafting faultless samurai swords and knives for more than 8 centuries and generating one half of Japan’s total knives in this city alone. Today, 90% of the company’s knives sold in Japan are really made here at this manufactory. Throughout her shift, she’s tasked with examining knives being crafted that day, to guarantee that each knife meets the industrial plant’s rigorous quality requirements. Which in addition means that she’s accountable for knowing the details about each and every knife that’s crafted in the manufactory which includes the whole build process for that individual knife and the technical standards each one must fulfill in order for her to totally perform the inspections. In truth, all the employees are necessary to undergo basic training when joining, and during the training period, each employee’s abilities are assessed and based on their strengths, appointed a distinctive role for example honing knifes, welding, and so forth. Evidently, honing the knives manually is one of the most challenging parts when crafting a knife. So much so, the manufactory itself only has 9 professionals who have mastered the skill, and at the moment only 2 who are skilled enough to perform Kiwami Honbazuke, the most extreme and technical knife sharpening possible.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Japan

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  2. Paolo your day in the life is really something else its so polished and its not just for the views , some youtubers just shoot then ask on their personal life most of the whole video , not on the DAY IN THE LIFE itself the step by step process and the details to it , urs just hits different more side infos and all keep it up !!!

  3. Joseph Digiorgio

    Pretty girl and sharp blades what’s not to enjoy! Very interesting Paolo thanks for the video.

  4. What’s with the face masks??

  5. I love how you make awesome and at the same time educational Thank you for making this type of video hope you keep making videos and stay strong and safe👍

  6. Guarantee you these people are stuck in that building for close to 12 hours on some days.

  7. real cartoon girl

    certify yandere

  8. I love my Miyabi Birchwood and would love to get more when I can afford them! Great episode, really love watching the “Day in the life” series

  9. i kinda want the jackets they wear, the fabric looks high quality and the utility of the pockets would be amazing.

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