Day 1 Highlights | F1 Pre-Season Testing

Relive all the highs and lows from an eventful first day of the Pre-Season Test in Bahrain!

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  1. Sargent looks like a rly cool guy

  2. I’ve been watching f1 for a long time since about 2004 and have watched the preseason testing many times, but i’ve never really seen those metal rosters on the side alongside with the neon paints what are they for exactly?

    Are they put there to show that those are the practice cars, or are they there to collect data ?

  3. Goatstappen 3x WC this year confirmed

  4. I think that he should do an uber bug in that part, which is kinda riscky but I would give it a try because if I landed perfectly, I would have a ton of speed, just gotta be careful with the speedslides

  5. Top, lembrou muito meu início

  6. Virtual reality Fitness

    Man I miss those v12s!!!!

  7. I’m stoked! I can’t wait to race, I mean watch this season. I’m looking forward to becoming a F1 photographer.

  8. Alonso will shine this season’ we’re in for surprises 👍

  9. Multi-wheeled covers this year is 🔥

  10. Marne ඞジシッ v.V. · 🅥


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