Dave Portnoy & Ryan Whitney Have BLOW OUT On Golf Course

Dave Portnoy and Ryan Whitney went toe to toe on the golf resort in Arizona in the most up-to-date Spittin’ Chiclets video blog.

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  1. Golf really sucks with these two bad boys.

  2. I absolutely love this!

  3. Portnoy hires the classiest females: “Whachu tayin dough?”, “whachu tayin dough”, “whatchu taying dough?” Garbage

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  6. 3:17 watch Murls mouth everything Grinnelli is saying.

  7. Dude ! You moved your ball!!!!

  8. Dave Portnoy stands on his tip toes.

  9. one of your best vids, good work. The brand will reach the next level when RA is relieved us his duties.

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