Datto’s First Impressions on Lightfall

I have played the campaign in a 3 person team on Legendary difficulty. I have done most of the steps to get the exotic glaive. I have experienced a good amount of Neomuna. I have played Berserker Titan for Strand. I have not messed with mods as much as I want to, nor have I re-built my armor sets. With all that being said, let’s talk. Closed Captioning is currently processing, but it’s a long video so it may take a while, sorry about that.

Introduction – 0:00
The Actual Launch – 1:23
The Campaign Gameplay – 1:57
The Campaign Story – 9:26
Mod System – 20:08
Strand – 22:22
Loadouts/Guardian Rank/Commendations – 24:25
Conclusion – 26:44

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  1. Im gonna be honest, I didn’t really feel like Tormentors were as hard as they were hyped up to be. I liked them and think they’ll be fun in Nightfalls and such, but I didnt really feel much of a challenge when fighting them, basically just run away and use my Machine Gun on them. As for the story, it very much just felt like Strand the Story to me as well. I feel like we should have had it by the 3rd or 4th mission and then unlocked the aspects as we went.

  2. Neomuna is the anime filler arc that you skip to get the next big arc.

  3. How to tell someone was too pussy to play legend campaign solo: “tormentors are fun and I like them more than lucent brood”

    Edit: yup.

    • Honestly, I was using Leviathan’s Breath and it kills the tormentors really easily. THe stagger on demand just means you can hit stun them from full health to death without having to worry too much

  4. Strand Hunter is my favorite so far. Titan is meh, the melee ability is really fast and cool, sure but it takes ages to regen each charge and thats the same gripe i’ve heard from Warlocks whos new melee takes a year as well. Titans can not suspend NEARLY as well as Hunter’s can and that sucks cause i think Bungie wanted Titans to be the suspending class with their new exotic and Drengr’s lash so that they could more easily Sever but Hunter’s dive is super easy to recharge, their melee is just WAY better at severing (it also doesnt take a year to recharge in fact its cooldown is insanely short if you hit a lot of targets and catch the kunai), and they have better access to Woven Mail to get in and get out with Cyrtarachne’s Facade and two grapples.

    Warlocks seem really cool if you are building for Threadlings but you dont really got much else.

  5. i did the legendary campaign on solo except for the calus battle. it was just too much like valus ta’aurc: plink down a beefy guy, run away and hide because so many things hurt. he was so beefy that it became so boring i changed it to normal mode.

    also, the overloaded scout on the artifact doesnt always work

  6. Strand sucks D.

  7. The thing with Cayde being unmatched as a comedic relief is that, first of all, he ACTUALLY is funny and when he’s not we forgive his bad jokes by how much of a badass he is, he’s not some hot headed apprentice, he’s our layed back mentor

  8. Glad I stopped buying dlcs after Forsaken

  9. The Veil could have literally been named ” The Macguffin” and it would have been an *improvement*.

  10. anonymous anonymous

    HOIL got a 91.5% nerf. It’s unusable. You high bro?

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