Darksun Spelljammer with puffin (animated spellbook) #dnd5e

Hold person
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Dopplegangers Demise by Lou Kelly
The Haunted House by Jakub Pietras
Wolverine by Kryptos
Egos by nate rose


  1. **Rules Correction!!** Looks like concentration is also broken by being incapacitated! (So it’s even worse!)

    • @The Shade if it’s up to me, I’ll have the players roll for a wisdom/intelligence check to see if their character realizes that, but if they never been to that area before then no

    • Fanus Obscurus

      @The Shade It’s Athas is legit enough explanation for every question you just asked.

    • Have you done inflict wounds yet? If so could you direct me there?

    • Lord of Pearl Trident

      @slayer1091 There is an old cleric spell sticks to snakes that does what it implies. BTW if he is a cleric then he is a templar who serves a Sorcerer King meaning they got of light by just dying and having there souls fade to nothingness

    • I still think Hold Person is a top tier spell. Requiring concentration to keep the spell up is a nonstarter, because almost every useful spell with a duration requires it. That it can instantly end another creature’s concentration is a potent boon in its favor! It’s the easiest way to do it too, aside from having a Monk.
      It _is_ high risk, high reward, but I think that’s more fun in a game of random chances like D&D than people give credit too (1d12 > 2d6).
      Even if hold person ends at the end of the target’s next turn, that less than 1 full round can still be amazingly powerful with any luck at all in the turn order—and even without capitalizing on the critical hit rule, losing a turn in combat is still a god consolation prize.

  2. Diego2112Gaming

    So my first question would be uh… How did your Spelljammer break through to Athas in the FIRST place? Under normal play rules, they can’t. SUPER interested in how that went down! (not because you’re breaking the rules, but I’d love the theory craft of it, anything related to Dark Sun/Athas/Getting through the Gray I’m ABSOLUTELY here for) That aside, all I have to say is:

    Welcome to Athas, that’s a pretty standard go of it. Actually, I’d say that’s a rousing success, all things considered.

    Dark Sun is BRUTAL, mate. It’s probably the single most brutal setting that D&D has ever had. It’s also my very favorite.

  3. Oreon Peregrino
  4. Venny-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞

    the cultist procession was something i was a little desperately hoping would be used on something and not just a short, totally delivered the episodes are always a great bit of fun

  5. Well he ain’t totally boned he has 2 ways out of this mess.
    1.) Survive to level up, multiclass into a spell user and flee.
    2.) find a magic user among the freed people and give them a free ticket to freedom.
    Both are doable

  6. I’m very happy to get closure on the cultists dance from all that time ago. Also fun coincidence that you released this so close to the soelljammer announcement.


  8. Philly born native

    YouTube gotta stop with these dum recommendations, it’s like they trolling when you tellem that your not interested in the video so the promote more similar annoying videos

  9. Amazing! All the beloved chaos of spelljammer!

  10. Shea Kennedy-Ordway

    Hot damn, I love Dark sun and I wish there was some kind of companion for 5e. The snake procession was hilarious and I love how hold person did it’s job.

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