Danny Trejo: 10 People Killed Over ‘American Me’, Edward James Olmos Had a Hit on Him (Part 5)

Danny Trejo talked to VladTV about the disagreement caused by American Me and the Mexican Mafia being disrespected by the film. Trejo clarified that he saved director Edward James Olmos’ life after he claims that a price was put on his head over the motion picture, adding that Olmos would not speak with him over the dispute. To hear more, which includes conversing with the Mexican Mafia heads over the event, hit the above clip.


  1. Breacher??

  2. lol now I realize why his character on def jam fight for ny was so good

  3. Open your eyes vato…

  4. Joe rogan we waiting!

  5. He will always be Geronimo from Blood in Blood out.

  6. I only know him from spy kids

  7. Diaspora Sierra Network

    Awesome actor.

  8. He should know. He pissed of the cartel and ended up with his severed head strapped to the shell of an exploding turtle

  9. Jesus Castillo

    Remember the Movie Colors started all these movies.

  10. #7 Trending on YouTube ???

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