Dani Cohn- Somebody Like You (ft. Mikey tua)

Stream MY song here: https://open.spotify.com/track/5Ri0EJVTxqZUEMk3vdhQGZ?si=sDTwzGrASJaBAe0-3c0Kkw


  1. Aniyah Bascombe

    I’m dead.

    Not from laughing but cringing ??

  2. Even autotune won’t fix his voice?‍♀️ sorry just had to put that out there

  3. Chelsea Bennett

    Mate dani actually just sounds so shit so does he haha

  4. okay the auto tune is too much if you want talent stan bts

  5. Imagine getting married at 13

  6. Why does she remind me of a younger snookie

  7. Love this song ????????

  8. gabbyloves Food1


  9. I love it❤️

  10. I’m just gonna leave

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