Dangerous Toys – Gas Powered Pogo Stick from 1960’s

Hop Rod user manual – https://imgur.com/gallery/E5nHcg1


  1. TheBackyardScientist

    @GMC Labs Yep i was using regular 2 stroke pre mix from a can.

  2. Fatman: Am I JoKe To YoU? (Fallout4 ref)

  3. I used to tear up my knees and ankles on these pogo sticks.

  4. play a song on it for example baby shark

  5. رضا عسکری نیا


  6. As a Australian chemist in a shed full of nitrotetrazoles once said: “God bless you 1960’s!”

  7. Now make a gun with it

  8. You do know they did not invent the 2-stroke, right?

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