Dance Moms: No One Wants to Be a Backup Dancer (Season 8, Episode 1) | Lifetime

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GiaNina’s mother, Joanne, describes all the ways GiaNina outshines her guy ALDC teammates in this clip from Season 8, Episode 1, “Abby’s Big Comeback.”

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Season 8 of “Dance Moms” will follow Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while combating the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most…teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began – the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.

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  1. A new season of Dance Moms premieres June 4 at 9/8c!

  2. No hate but they are so annoying saying FACT

  3. GiaNina

  4. “Fact” ….”PeriodT”

  5. Deku Is my smol bean

    why is the mom wearing cat ears though..?

  6. Do you guys think that giania will go to candy apples like Kendall?

  7. Alexandra Defreitas

    “I’m a horrible mom and an annoying human being”


  8. This is how ALL white people sound and look when culturally appropriating “urban” lingo.

  9. where in the world

    This woman needs help


  10. I honestly think that you shouldn’t call your child perfect because, say she didn’t dance too good to a routine and Abby says that wasn’t good enough, and then the child would go up to her mom say,”I thought I was perfect?!” Ya know what I mean

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