Dance Gavin Dance – Feels Bad Man (Official Music Video)

Dance Gavin Dance’s “Feels Bad Man” comes from their new album ‘Jackpot Juicer’ – Out now. Buy/stream at

Whoa, you are alive
Do you ever truly stop and wonder why?
Is your soul is fortified?
By the small twinkling light inside your eyes?
Whoa, another evening
Should you live with your regrets or just get high?

Feels bad man
The up and down of the emotion
Broke my loading hands
Replaced my legs with drowsy trousers
They make me smoke 50 grams
I do not pander
Mandible clamper
Setting a standard
You can not touch my valuable glow
I do not care about answers, no

Tell yourself a narrative
Life is pretty irksome
See you in the morning
Let your worries drown
Like chlorine
Keep the liquor pouring
Flap until you are rising rapidly
Let your heroes down

I think I’ve seen enough
But I was hoping this trip would come and save me
My life ain’t bad enough
So, I scrape this itch incinerate me

Heart pours the core of my ripple
The lord in my step
The organ it plays through

Time blows the horn in my chest
I’m boarding my jet
The plane that I came to

Brain filled to capacity through an ocean of bats
They’re nipping chords and spinning webs of tempo, as they flap
Are you decalcified but dumb high?
Still sad after sex?
Did you notice that all this time
Your crown was just a hat?

Whoa, soul divine
Is there anything out there to dull your sparkle?
Bump bump bump
bump boom
10 hundred times
Til one day you awaken and you feel alright
Bump bump bump bump boom
10 thousand times
Til one day you awaken and you are out of time

Director: Christian Lawrence
DOP: Natalia Moscoso
Producer: Alicia Agramonte
Production Company: Negativexspace
1st AC: Norman Wicaksono
Gaffer: JC Falcon
Grip/Swing: Angel Falcon
Editor & Color: Christian Lawrence
Editor: Ian Urquhart
PA: Charles Pisano
Stylist: Shaina Feldman
HMU: Christina Gueira
Stylist: Sonny Daze
Casting: Franchesca Agramonte

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  2. I just love how Jon is doing the unclean vocals without even trying. That’s how good he is 😂

  3. Why do I feel like this video was made after the accusations against Tilian already came out

  4. []#*°• jelly_KR3W•°*#[]:7 •ASOUE•

    Jon’s energy on this album is immaculate, song’s, videos, bts, this man is in his bag.

  5. Bring Johnny back. Jesus.

  6. Fuck tilian & bring Jonny back, he sounds 10x better w dgd than tilian ever did 🤷‍♂️

  7. Oh shit, Jon was cosplaying me in high school. Spot on brother!

  8. jon doing his lil dancey dance 💕💕

  9. Raisin Bran Bran

    So good 🔥🔥🔥

  10. LolliPop Dragon

    I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to this at least 30 times today.

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