Dana White responds to Khamzat Chimaev cageside fight, Islam vs. Charles and Sean O’Malley win

Dana White responds to UFC 280, Khamzat Chimaev’s cageside quarrel, Sean O’Malley and more at the UFC 280 post fight press briefing.


  1. 0:33 — Dana’s thoughts on the main event (Dana is distracted)

    1:19 — How far do you think Islam can take his reign?

    1:44 — Did Dana know Khabib would call out Volk?

    2:03 — How soon does Dana want Olivera back?

    2:26 — Was Dana aware of TJ’s dislocated shoulder?

    2:34 — How could the Athletic Commission miss that?

    2:59 — Sean O’Malley 🆚 Aljamain Sterling?

    3:24 — What does Dana think of Suga Sean’s performance?

    3:55 — Does Dana think Sean won the fight?

    4:21 — Khamzat incident

    4:41 — How did Khamzat get that close to the cage?

    5:06 — The conclusion on banning fighters from betting on their own fights.

    5:36 — Dana on Dan Hardy’s accusations.

    6:57 — Dana goes off on Dan Hardy.

    7:38 — Colby 🆚 Khamzat? Can Belal substitute for one of them?

    8:07 — If Volk fights Islam will there be an interim title fight?

    8:41 — What’s next for Alji Sterling? (Dana is dismissive)

    9:06 — (Dana is in the mood)

    9:52 — Abu Dhabi

    12:07 — Is Cejudo returning?

    12:56 — Conor McGregor

    13:17 — Will there be Arabic commentary in the new UFC game?

    14:00 — Islams ranking in the Pound-for-pound rankings.

  2. Dana’s reaction when that Indian guy finished talking at 10:25: wtf just happened? 😅

  3. Money and big money is the goal 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️and that’s it! Scripted bs fight between Charles and Islam! Easy to see!

  4. How was he not asked about Benny?

  5. It’s pretty clear Dana needs hearing aids at this point.

  6. Big money? Is an act! Get this alphabet through your heads people! Also, the up coming fighters, actually fight! Butt! Where Dana is involved? It’s scripted! Keep watching 👍🏿👍🏻

  7. No way in the pits of HELL!, would Charles Oliviera tap out in that circumstance he was kind’ve in! Big money being involved, means BIG BULLSHIT!

  8. Get Dana some hearing aids!!!!

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