Dana White on Kevin Holland: “This child’s a f******g superhero”

Check out Dana White’s post-fight press briefing at UFC Austin.


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  2. Although i like kattar but I feel Emmet with his power and speed will be problem for Alex or Max

  3. 15000 or 50000 Dollars?

  4. If Kevin Holland were to venture out to other opportunities after his UFC career I’d be open to it regardless of what he decides to pursue.

  5. Dana White is going to go down as the man you brought MMA to the world. Kinda like MJ and Basketball.

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    What really!? Kevin holland is washed up he fought nobody

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  8. Dana is a multi millionaire and can’t get some hearing aids? I’m sure he could afford the top of the line ones? Or is he just completely deaf in one ear?

  9. Dana being generous wow

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