Damian Lillard On Why He Believes The NBA Is Changing For The Worse

We are thrilled to welcome our very first guest on The Old Man and The Three, Portland Trail Blazers guard and lNBA superstar Damian Lillard. The episode drops first thing tomorrow and it goes even deeper than this teaser clip. Speaking of, in this clip Dame talks about the differences between when he first came into the league and now. He also touches on how “rings culture” has made us lose sight of the journey.

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  1. This conversation with Dame is one of the best ones we’ve ever had. We go deeper into conversations about life, competition and fulfillment. We also dig deep into scoring and shooting mechanics. Just an awesome interview with an awesome guy. The full thing drops first thing tomorrow morning so subscribe if you haven’t. Thanks for watching.

    • Love Dame but he doesn’t realize that with younger players comes younger veterans. He’s a vet. He’s a voice for the younger guys. Most older players of today don’t have a second to waste nor the desire to teach and guide younger players.

    • Y’all gotta stop knocking players for not having rings

    • nice podcast JJ

    • Your interview style is ELITE. Taking notes, actually listening , NO INTERRUPTIONS. Great job brother

    • JJ you and your team are doing a excellent job with your perspective, analysis, and interviews style. Keep up the good work. Some of your fellow podcasters should take note. You are miles ahead of the competition. Even though you are not competing. 👏👏👏

  2. Kevin McClelland

    Hmmm, seems like some of what he says in the beginning can be applied to the work ethic outside of sports also.



    Throw the whole TV away!!

  4. He’s basically saying… “these dudes think they’re playing 2K in real life!!”

  5. I remember he randomly told my homegirl Jazz Perkins happy birthday. Bro is really that dude outside of hoop.

  6. Dude is real

  7. Segundo B. Salioni

    Dude played his college ball nearby. I’ve learned much more about him since, but his fundamental soul has not changed. Good luck, Damien.

  8. Last of his kind. If the TBs manage to win with a tried and true home guy, it’ll be sweeter than any super team.

  9. I generally agree with what Dame is saying regarding today’s players, but I still feel like he’s personally shying away from the expectations that come with being on a good team. It’s weird that someone of his caliber chooses to hide in irrelevancy and doesn’t try to win at least one, if not for anything but himself. It’s the pinnacle of his sport after all, and he even acknowledges that in this video.

    He’s got a good thing going in Portland where he’s recognized for his game, but he’s not scrutinized for not winning, and I can’t fault him for feeling comfortable with that. Still, if he’s truly as unfazed by the talk as he seems to be, then why not try for a title? Whether he got a chip or not, he’d be unfazed by the noise, and he could say he tried, at the very least. Ultimately, his choices just tell you winning isn’t really a personal goal of his.

  10. “Because I have a real life”. God damn he’s right. Respected dame before this, now I respect him even more. Seems like a regular dude who is just really really good at basketball

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