Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles | 2022 Week 6 Highlights

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  1. Hey NFL at 0:20 hurts gets sack in an oddly similar manner to Tom Brady looks like same tackle. How come this one wasn’t a flag?? 🤔

  2. I’m surprised they left out the Noah Brown attempt in the back corner. I love my Eagles, but you gotta admit that against coverage that solid, it was an absolutely incredible effort from Brown even if it got overturned.

  3. Cowboys suck cowboys suck cowboys suck!

  4. If you want to see the big-time play of the day, Pat Troother has it in his video. Just search for “Rigged NFL Week 6: Cowboys vs Eagles”.

  5. I absolutely love the saltiness of cowgirl fans in these comments. Cooper rush was the best thing since sliced bread at 4-0 as a starter. Now he throws some INTs and loses a game and it’s “Eagles are so lucky Dak didn’t play” and “yall beat our backup QB” hahahaha

  6. Man, its so tough being a NFL fan in Australia. Most of my mates are like “Why do you watch this crap?” Everyone here favours AFL or League or God forbid Union, but honestly this is my favourite sport to watch. God Bless 🇦🇺👍

  7. Any time I watch the cowboys lose is a good day

  8. Eagles will need to be both healthy and better to win in dallas with prescott back. Also, they need to somehow find a player who can be even just 85% of what Lane Johnson has been because when they don’t have him they usually lose. Great job in finding Mailata to replace Peters who replaced Tra Thomas. Gotta find Johnson’s future replacement now. They also need another 2 young pass rushers because they’re losing BG and Cox very soon.

  9. Didn’t the Cowboy’s coach say they were nobody’s underdog? …………lol

  10. The eagles better not lose more than 2 games with the schedule they have

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