Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings | 2022 Week 11 Game Highlights

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  1. My whole family are Vikings fans, I grew up and learned to love the Packers, but I always knew deep down that the Vikings could not be my team because like the game against the bills, “the Vikings don’t like making things simple”.

  2. The fact that Tony Pollard is still not the starter just shows why the Cowboys won’t be successful in the post season. You have arguably a top 5 back in the league and you start someone else over him.


  4. Vikings game plan was dookie. Abandoned the run too quick and look for the shot play too much. You gotta make Dallas second guess what your doing offensively which is why PHI, GB and TB beat them. They ran the ball effectively, use a lot of screens, quick throws and made that DL react. If your predicable and just drop back, you minus well warm up the bus cuz you ain’t beating the Cowboys

  5. 😄Go Cowboys

  6. Dallas has their starting offense on the field going into the 4th quarter up 37-3.

  7. You just gotta feel bad for kirk😅 poor guy didnt get any throws in

  8. That was some fine football by the Cowboys!

  9. Although I enjoyed watching this beat down, I’m still HOT we can’t beat down this hard the f’n Packers.

  10. I hate how you can tell who wins this game before wat hing the highlights because they always have the preview of the winning team with the ball

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