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  1. Bjorn is gonna be fluent in like 4 languages

  2. loving pewdiepie in his dad era…so freaking wholesome

  3. 8:44 it’s true. Americans expect like pancakes when they go to Denny’s and it’s not pancakes. The food there is really good. I would take my family time to time. Having a Japanese breakfast there is amazing; fish, rice,natto…..refreshing and energizing. I miss Japan.

  4. anurag pal like baby

  5. pewds not gonna lie you’re kinda lagging behind, I’m on my 3rd child. xD
    gonna go watch some scare pewdiepie and reminisce.

  6. Such lovely vlogs ❤ thank you for sharing

  7. Welcome to the club 😀

  8. Pewd’s life just seems so perfect. So happy for him and his family

  9. You guys are too fuckin cute as a family. Love to see it.

  10. I feel so fortunate to have vlogs like this. Thanks for much for uploading some parts of your guys life <#

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