Dababy – GHETTO GIRLS [Official Music Video]


“CALL DA FIREMAN” Out Now: https://dababy.lnk.to/CALLDAFIREMAN
Apple Music: https://dababy.lnk.to/CALLDAFIREMAN/applemusic
Spotify: https://dababy.lnk.to/CALLDAFIREMAN/spotify
Amazon: https://dababy.lnk.to/CALLDAFIREMAN/amazonmusic



  1. Need me a PROJECT CHICKK🔥😂

  2. Smh so he stole Trina n Nicki beat 🥴 plus the movie idea from cardi b n offset

  3. I grew up on the original but this still slaps !!

  4. The House Of Saud

    I like it They Both always original and dope.

  5. Yes he combined Friday and next Friday with a classic beat Bravoooooooooo

  6. We love Da Baby ❤

  7. The baby with the arm out at the end like “dadddddyyyyyyyyy”

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