DaBaby ft. MoneyBagg Yo – WIG [Official Video]

Directed By: @Reel Goats

Filmed at The Beauty Depot


  1. Dillan Fitzgerald

    Alt Jacob going crazy

  2. Ft BAD bunny 🐰 please 🙏🏽 remix

  3. remix with the migos?

  4. Chanice Stora25

    Love it
    Big up starr dawkins🤤❤️

  5. Sooo many respectful dignified women 😂😂😂

  6. pause the video in the minute 1:22 and tell what is wrong there…

  7. This might be the most trash song I heard all 2022 🤣 Video nice tho

  8. Falconry of the Middle East Jaber

    I swear I thought the little person was a child!!

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