DA Sue Opper speaks with the media following Darrell Brooks sentencing


Waukesha County District Attorney Sue Opper chatted with the media Wednesday evening after Darrell Brooks was sentenced to life in jail for the Waukesha Christmas parade assault.

He was handed six life sentences for the six individuals he killed, plus more than 7 centuries for remaining charges.

MORE COVERAGE: https://www.tmj4.com/news/darrell-brooks-trial/darrell-brooks-sentenced-to-life-in-prison-without-parole-for-waukesha-christmas-parade-attack

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  1. This lady needs to made chief justice for that area of Wisconsin. She was a superstar compared to all the other legal people involved in this terrible and tragic case. To the people of that area of Wisconsin, God Bless each of you and keep you safe from harm. This was one of the most terrible and heart breaking events of my life.

  2. Fine woman Ms.Opper is , fine hard working American .

  3. The Uncharted music is a dub It’s the scene in uncharted 3 where young Drake is running from the agent men

  4. DA Opper, you’re so gracious and unbelievably patient. You did an amazing job and had the self control I can only wish for. Thank you for your service

  5. This lady did a fantastic job and showed the narcassist that he wasnt going to control or manipulate her . He hated the sight of her but she couldnt care less. Q very strong and powerful lady. God bless her.

  6. Even if your slightly annoyed by how OP this team was, you gotta admit that having the whole game team against them at the end was way more entertaining then if it had been a normal tournament.

  7. Wow, Ninja’s new “I’m loud and abrasive” angle is not my favorite.

  8. Thank you Ms. Opper for removing this sociopath from society for the rest of his life. Thoughts and prayers go out to all the family’s affected by his heinous actions.

  9. I love her, she was fantastic!

  10. Great job 👌

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