Da Brat’s Exclusive Pregnancy Announcement

EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT – Sherri’s Gonna Be an Auntie! Da Brat and spouse Jesseca “Judy” Dupart tell Sherri – and the world – Da Brat is pregnant for the very first time!

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  1. Uuuum..Okay. No offense. I wish them the best. Be who u are, But But But, if ya gay or lesbian, okay. On one end. On the other end, Ya trying to have the best of both worlds. Man needs woman. Woman needs man. Ya can’t produce no other way….Yeah, also test tube. But still….👍🏾

  2. Where’s the man??

  3. A baby u need a man to have a baby lol

  4. Can't NoBody Stop You But You


  5. Disgusting on how far America 🇺🇸 has fallen allowing the walking abominations LGBTQ to roam the earth 🌎 God made man and women to create the next generations 🙏🏾 not same sex confusing the world of normal human beings y’all need Jesus repent now b4 its too late

  6. I’m so happy for them

  7. Da Brat? What a stupid name. Who gives a crap if she is pregnant. With a nickname like Da Brat that kid is going to end up like shit

  8. Love ❤️ judys dress congratulations gals❤️🥰🤰🏽you will be great. Mothers da brat is so funny 😆 I’d like to be a fly on the wall in the delivery room

  9. Dr. Dave's Painting Laboratory

    Too bad she don’t know who the father is. And still gets LINK.

  10. God is Holy…when we intentionally disobey His Word it leads to destruction…He will never side with sin…Jesus loved us so much He died for our sins so that we wouldn’t be punished…He took our punishment upon himself…accept His love today ❤

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