D.L. Hughley Vs. Mo’Nique: A Sad Day In Comedy

Although it has nothing to do with me, it is truly hurtful to look at @D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique beefin’. D.L. is one of my mentors, and I began out in comedy with Mo’Nique, and all this makes my nerves bad.




  1. Monique might be going through some challenges with her mental health. Being cast out of the entertainment industry may have done some damage to her emotionally and mentally. I’m sure it had to be a blow to her self-esteem. She’s a woman in a male dominated industry so she probably doesn’t want to appear weak but, being hostile is not the answer to anything. Prayerfully she’ll be able to reel it back and get herself together.

  2. Addicted 2 Pretty

    “Get my money and go home..” EXACTLY!!

  3. Monique’s Oscar win was the worse thing that happen to her!

  4. Thank you Rickey

  5. Renee Benning Alexander

    I love your pattern of thought… you 100% correct… I love Monique and DL … but that put down on DL made me feel some type of way…

  6. We can see who’s side you’re on. Monique stay strong Black Queen I salute you!

  7. Agreed 👍💯 Meanwhile….What happened to my request to be your water bottle girl ..I would be your bodyguard carrying your water bottle and Host and dance ..And yes back to Ms I go!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭✌️

  8. First Second third Elementary Nerd
    As long as that paper straight I’m straight

  9. That’s what said yesterday…that me me me, I’m first, I’m the best…Yadi, yadi, yadi…that’s the stupid stuff Nicki Minage always saying…you called her but you didn’t call me…blah blah blah I’m with you Ricky.

  10. As a audience we don’t gaf who goes first or last ….

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