I only just met the cat from Stray but I will defend them with my life
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  1. My god the amount of ads

  2. Daniel Castells

    it sounds like theeye are speaking in animal crossing languagee daheck

  3. cat protagonist

  4. Today in the US northeast it was 95 F (35 C I think?). Not record breaking but still miserable, especially since I worked 8 hours outside 💀

  5. I beat it and it was great. best 30 dollars ever spent.😍

  6. William Marshall

    Jack asking why there was no music sheets in a laundromat and that he took a lot of effort to distract the robot was very strange

  7. Idk what happened but i didn’t get that pink note that you have to give to elliot who then gives you the last music sheet. I mean i took it but it wasn’t in the backpack? And i think Seán didn’t get it either?

  8. Wow. A PreRoll, and then another ad 1 min in..

  9. Relaxing Meshell


  10. Jack: now one more battery *fully turns around to be looking straight at it but proceeds to not see it*
    Me: *cracks up laughing* Hm I wonder too, Jack hmmm

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