Customizing Weird Stuff with @Moriah Elizabeth

Check out Moriah’s Video Becoming The Blobs.. This was my first decent art collab and I’m so eager to share with you our painting/customizing glass jar art project 🤣 we have both done our fair share of customizing strange things, so it appeared only fitting to do this together!

Moriah: @Moriah Elizabeth

Artistic Bear Co Brushes (my art line) ;

Edited By: Hannah Snow


  1. Blank Spacebv :-P


  2. ♡PinkMelodyAnqelz♡

    “Smells like Creasy possibilities.” -Moriah Elizabeth 2022-

  3. The art community is going crazy over this collaboration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kimmy Campbell

    Sooo cute loved both bears you guy should make videos more often ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

  5. You guys are hilarious together 🫶🏼😂

  6. 7z:40 Moriahs bear looks like a tella tubby

  7. -Is Bigfoot mythical?
    -No, he’s real

  8. Stacey Garrity

    I love this idea!

  9. I never did a comment before but I love Moriahs bear

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