Customizing 8 iPhone 11’s , Then Giving them Away!📞📱(GivEawAy)



  1. Incredible man ! Where do you find all these ideas ??? Bisou from France

  2. iPhone entry Why: Well my birthday is on the 31st. And I have an iPhone 6s Plus. And I’m not doing anything for my bday since everything is shit down. And I’m not lying. 03/31/03 I’m hoping I can win one. Thanks 🙏🏼

  3. “Phone entry”
    Reason: recently my dog passed away and the phone that has all the pictures of her on it is all cracked up and barley usable and I would like to have a new phone to store all of our memories on and think your artwork is very cool I also cannot afford to buy a new phone and would really appreciate it

  4. Gabriel Antonio Diaz Fernandez

    iPhone entry!
    Why: no se hermano te sigo desde hace mucho eres el primer contenido que siempre trato de buscar cuando llegó de trabajar, sería lo máximo tener un teléfono de esa gama ya que por aquí es imposible llegar a tenerlo además sería único tener uno de los que personalizaste bueno en fin no se si en realidad llegarás a leer esto pero un saludo enorme eres un tiegre, no se si lo tenía que poner en inglés pero es que no lo manejo muy bien

  5. I hope I won one cuz I need a phone to call my parents for school or I need something for Emergency. And I did all them I ready like your video and I Been Subscribe your channel and I been follow you at ig. Keep at good work.

  6. Done they fire 🔥

  7. I want the zebra iPhone I’m rocking an Android, 😭

  8. “iPhone entry”
    Why: I honestly love your heart work and it will be cool to have a customised iPhone,it’s so unique.

  9. Can I get Custom Iphone 11 Pro Max ?
    My Phobe Broke😞
    Solid Fan From Philippines🇵🇭💪

  10. Priscilla Solano

    “Phone entry” “Done” Why: My speakers got clogged with water and I can rarely hear when someone calls. It been acting up a lot lately. As everyone else I have online classes and am struggling since I can’t use a laptop. Ps. Your mom is really pretty 🙂

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