Cubs participant in tears after foul ball hits little girl

The stadium in Houston was spookily silent after a little girl was struck by a foul ball off the bat of Chicago Cubs’ participant Albert Almora Jr. READ MORE:

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  1. So she was conscious and crying? Then what was all the concern about?

  2. People need to shut up, don’t take your kid to the park, if you’re afraid they will get injured. I feel bad for that little girl for not having a father who would try to block the ball

  3. Samuel Castillo

    Why cry? Its a win lawsuit!

  4. Why dose it have to a young child being hit. Out of everyone and everything.

  5. calm down if it dies it dies

  6. Common sense says “Put up protective netting.”

    Business owner mentality-“We couldn’t possibly do that, think of how much the people would complain about not getting a chance of catching a homerun or foul ball.”

    Reminds me of that movie “Jaws” when the sheriff wanted to close down the beach because of shark sightings. Local politician said no, think of the $$ we would lose over the weekend.

  7. Junomaster2006

    I would have laughed at the little girl

  8. People getting hit by foul balls and sue are faggots. Stop being a pussy and take the hit. Shit I was hit by a baseball playing on the field and that shit fucked up my lung but I didn’t sue. It happens. Just don’t go anymore.

  9. She deserved it…she will grow to be a bitch like every other cunt on this fucked up world

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