Crazy Theater Teacher’s Weird Body Language Theory

My insane theatre professor had a really bizarre hypothesis about folks and their body language!

00:00 – Doll!
00:21 – Character Spheres?
02:05 – Vacant Head Sphere
03:28 – Intellectual Head Sphere
04:45 – Heart Sphere
06:11 – Will Sphere
07:57 – Outro

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  1. Let Me Explain Studios

    Gosh, you’re all so smart. I love reading these comments and your discussions! You’re the best audience. ❤

  2. DPJ Does Things

    I share most traits with an intellectual sphere but I don’t sit on the edge of a chair I sit on the very back

  3. Blake in the comments i know youre somewhere

  4. okay, with the walking I am straight but I think my chest does come out more. With the eye contact, I do listen and stop what I do to said listen, but I don’t stare, and the eye contact sometimes does rely on emotions on whether something good or bad happens. With the sitting, I definitely sit normally unless I’m excited or if I’m relaxed on a bed or couch, but I don’t take up the whole couch spot. With the hand gestures, they are small, sometimes they fiddle and they have been near my chest a lot, and I don’t normally necklaces, but when I do my hands are pretty close to them

  5. Ok. I got imagination to the point its intervering. I zone out all the time. So i intently stare at the person wether talking or not and then my mind trails away

  6. Matches with Vacant Head Sphere: No eye contact (but I also go autism soo….)
    Matches with Intellectual Head Sphere: I will fidget with stuff heheheheheheheehehheheh
    Matches with Heart Sphere: Nopeeeeeeeeeee sadly
    Matches with Will Sphere: I SHALL STEAL THE COUCH AHAHHAHAA.

    Idk what I lead with when I walk with lol

    I will be using this video so I can get inspiration for body language for different characters >:)

  7. Ondy Gaming lol

    2 indie game references in 1 video. wow

  8. Hey Rebecca your videos are amazing and keep up the good work and also I just want to say I’m subscribed you said that you were weird as a kid and I’m weird and so it makes me feel better about myself

  9. Nice White Christmas reference! Also the Cup Head joke had me on the floor!

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