COVID-19: Hubei reports almost 15,000 new cases after new diagnosis methodology presented

Hubei province reported almost 15,000 new COVID-19 coronavirus cases on Thursday (Feb 13), after broadening the way doctors test for infections. CNA’s Olivia Siong clarifies what these new test techniques entail and why the move is essential. Read more:

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  1. This is scary that China has been the source of 2 major outbreaks in the last 20 years and worst of all, the country is a blank box when it comes to healthcare information. With the world more connected than ever, this outbreak is only a showcase for whats to come. I am sure this will be contains outside China and thousands of deaths in China will never be reported but know this. The next one will be impossible to contain unless the WHO create a containment plan for China when the first case of possible outbreak to appear since not doing so could devastating for the rest of the world. The fact that the local government cared more about saving face than alerting the proper channels so the central government can allocate proper resources to combat this outbreaks is a clear signs that China has a major cultural problem. They jailed the medical staff for speaking out instead of listening to them. I believe they did the same thing to the doctor that tried to raised alarm on the SARS outbreak in the early 2000s.

  2. Bruh, I was starting to grow onto the last name. I thought calling it the Novel Coronavirus was alot better than calling it something stupid like the Wuhan virus or just leaving it as the coronavirus. The strain’s name still conveys the same information, I’m just nostalgic of a simpler time (about 3 months ago)

  3. its eny other organizaation like WHo?

  4. whatsGreatAboutChina ?

    yesterday you CNA guys celebrated lowering numbers, do you ever investigate before you report? question data you receive? what is the added value of your news?

  5. Coronapsyops

  6. Separate this around the world has to know about the horrible atrocities going on in China now military law as of today has been Declared now making it illegal to leave your house the government is wielding people inside their apartment complexes

    Fb link: here to group

    You can find all here #CoronavirusOutbreak

    Watch Chinese police go into a apt complex and shoot infected

    Man hangs his self because refused help by hospital

    New hospital is a prison
    Has bars on each room

    Bodybags in the hospital right next to other patients

    They are now being wielded inside their apt complex and high-rises

    CCP drag little girl out of car

    China starting to act like North Korea

    Terrifying sound

    Woman in a hospital tells the truth what will really happen

    Man being forcibly sealed in to his home

    Wielding them into their apartments

  7. Now’s the time to create cure for the disease and ban foreign travel to and from affected countries to control the spread. No point predicting numbers that doesn’t help in current situation. When China citizens don’t trust the Chinese govt, why should we?

  8. Please stop violence it’s finally about us…..we all r humans Heal the world
    Make it a better place
    For you and for me
    And the entire human race
    There are people dying
    If you care enough for the living
    Make it a better place
    For you and for me
    If you want to know why
    There’s love that cannot lie
    Love is strong
    It only cares of joyful giving
    If we try we shall see
    In this bliss we cannot feel
    Fear of dread
    We stop existing and start living

  9. Curse of Innocent Uighurs

    Chinese govt should realise now that there is a creator of this universe

    They should release all detained uighur and other innocent ppl and repent Almighty creator Allah

  10. It’s President Trump; Mam. NOT; Mr. Trump.

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