The moment you have all been waiting for…we are overjoyed to formally welcome CouRageJD to 100 Thieves as the 3rd creator for our content residence. With a background in pro gaming and casting, CouRage brings an exceedingly distinct attractiveness and dynamic to our team. We are beyond eager to have him be a part of 100 Thieves.

► Director: Sean Finnegan
► Executive Producer: Mike Aransky
► Producers: Sean Finnegan, Gabriel Ruiz
► Cinematographer: Duran Castro
► Editor: Logan Dodson


  1. LET’S GOOOOOOOOO! So excited! Proud to be part of 100 Thieves!

  2. These pro players are not that good

  3. Nadeshot needs to get real good players.i can guarentee that i would smack this courage kid

  4. yooo dude i swear this is like the office hahahha

  5. Wow. New episode of American vandal is lit.

  6. This vid is so freaking good ,I enjoyed it a lot

  7. Yooo number 1 on trending lets go 100T I’m loving the glitched Tee btw!

  8. Samuelrafael Soledad


  9. This is by far 100T’s best video ever – so funny and dramatic – LOVE

  10. why would corage join after nick mercks left lmao dumbasss

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