Cordae – Super [Official Music Video]

Cordae – Super

Director: Arrad
Executive Producer: Andrew Listermann
Producer: Kevin Boston
Production Manager: Erica Nagai
AD: Jonas Morales
2nd AD: Damon Limbrick
CCO: Eliseo Juarez
Production Co: Riveting Entertainment

Management: Aaron Christian
Marketing: Carla Pagano
Commissioner: Kareem Johnson
Label: Atlantic Records

Cinematographer: Michael Stine
1st AC: Chris Powers
2nd AC: Chris Siefert
Camera PA: Hanako Ohashi
Steadicam: Thor Wixom
DIT: Gavin Supplee

G&E: Blackstone Entertainment
Gaffer: Chad McClellan
BBE: James Arterberry
Electric: Anne Williams
Key Grip: John Hafner
BBG: Robert McQueeney
Grip: Stewart White Jr.
Swing: Harrison Bliss

Production Designer: Wes Dogan
Art Director: William Havertape
Art Dept: Lilian Fernandez, Mirabai Britton, Gala Perkins

Glam: Nikki Parisi, Tilomai Hil, Stacy Gonzalez

Production: Delaney Finnegan, Patrick Suh, JM Beach, Isaiah Wright, Seamus Brennan, Sebastian Bordigoni

Editors: Cal Laird & Arrad
Lead VFX: Logan Hennessy
Co-VFX Supervisor Guy Bergman
Tracking and Rotoscope Rana Talha
Rotoscope Max Colt (The Frender), Sahil Bloch
Practical Effects Coordinator Ryan Leediker
Additional cleanup: Bee Rhodes
Color: Bryan Smaller @ Company 3

Casting Director: E Mills @ Mill Ticket Entertainment

Cola Model: Ndeye Amy (Naomi) Ndiaye

Drop Top Models:
Kendal Bernardez
Jasmine Mobley
Denise Law

Jalil Hasan Miles
Jaquan Holland
Daniel Martin
Theodore Mark Martinez
Chamirella Coste Payan
Lisa Kim Cerant

Real Estate Agent
Manley R. Woods IV

Wrestling Belt Presenter:
Chori Bryant

Additional BG
Kristopher Hart
Willie Sparks
DeVonte’ Tasker
Deirdre Wood
The official YouTube channel of Cordae.



  2. Giving me the kendrick vibe

  3. THE CORDAE FLOW <3 <3 <3

  4. hardddddddddd

  5. Cordae, that was straight fire

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