coordinating our NEW KITCHEN + decor shopping | XO, MaCenna Vlogs

I have been obsessed with Aurate jewellery for over 3 years now (IYKYK).

We had our first official evening in the new residence and are beginning to unpack/organize the kitchen!

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  1. Rebecca Frederickson

    I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but you could you open shelving on that back wall with the fridge of your dry goods that way it doesn’t take up the minimal cabinet space

  2. So, can we go back to Texas now? That house there has so much more soul.

  3. I noticed you have meal prep and most dishes near the stove, but your silverware are by the refrigerator. It might make more sense to move the silverware to the drawer next to the knives, and the junk drawer next to the sink. That way when you plate meals, all of your dishes and utensils are on one side of the kitchen.

  4. MaCenna is the only person who has been able to bring my style to life and that’s why I love these videos so much!!!

  5. I enjoy your videos but not a fan of that wrap dispenser. Have you ever used beeswax wraps or reusable silicone bags? I hope you re use all that bubble wrap you were unpacking for Romeo’s business?

  6. Matilda Ahlström

    It’s the neverending struggle to find scissors! At home, at work, at friends places, they are never where you would expect!

  7. Christine Stewart

    My goodness MaCenna, I have been watching you for a couple years now and I have to say that your creative abilities, skill and energy are off the chart! You are an incredible inspiration. What a beautiful new home and your cottage is a dream. Congrats!

  8. The slide out over the microwave needs to go under the microwave, perfect for your pots and pans. Over the microwave add shelves and dividers for casserole bakers and baker pans.

  9. omg it was so weird to hear you mention michelle choi, i love her! it’s weird when youtubers mention each other that i had no idea knew of each other, idk why 🤣

  10. It is strange to see Macenna working with the space she has, compared to the cottage where everything was planned out, she knew how to utilize the space because she built it! Love all the videos

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