cool folks click this video clip

you might gather your cool badge at the exit.
new merch things should be right below the video clip, if you do not watch it then you can in addition check it out here:

regretful the video clip is so short, i am looking to make another by the end of this month. Thanks for watching 🙂 hope all is well

oh and if you want specific stuff, feel free to mention it. I will make note of things you want and try and integrate it into the shop.


  1. the ice cream sandwich plushie is a MUST HAVE

  2. Most liked advertisement in history

  3. Mom, I’m ✨COOL✨

  4. Well now I do want that trash can and plushie

  5. Dennis Ryan Lynch

    You should make ice cream sandwichs

  6. I would like to order one ice cream sandwich trash can please

  7. Can we have more plushies pls

  8. I’m so cool 😎

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