Cooking Challenge Against My Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Cook

My gf Kate does not truly cook. Let us notice how this goes…

In addition, let us get a round of ovation for Kate for being a part of this and letting us put her through this.


  1. There is some gay in this comment section

  2. i prefer a sub roll shape bread with a steak sandwich. semolini bread with sesame seeds in the sub roll shape (or you can just have it without the seeds, if you don’t like the sesame)

  3. Jeannette Maldonado

    My wholesome meter is now full

  4. Ngl, the moment when Kate cut her finger and Josh got really worried was wholesome af. Gave me flashbacks to when I accidentally busted my ex’s eyebrow open and felt sick to my stomach cause of how sorry I was. Man.

  5. Josh: *goes at blazing speed through the entire recipe*
    Kate: *cuts an onion*
    Josh: “HOW ARE YOU SO FAST???”

  6. Why would she cook when she has you?

  7. “wHAt dO YoU tHINK THIS IS FOrrrr” 😂😂😂😂

  8. Miggy Asmr Audios

    I like how the face on josh’s apron is just vibin throughout this whole video

  9. Fregene Gbubemi

    This was hilarious!

  10. @7:08 i feel the pressure in that face thats me when we need to follow what my Arts Teacher what he was doing our class project.. 😅

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