Convicts Cook Scrambled Eggs For Gordon Ramsay | Gordon Behind Bars

To look at what professional cooks are capable of cooking, Gordon sets up an easy scrambled egg challenge.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Thin and Fit –

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  1. *1 0 8 0 P M Y A S S*

  2. ホッキョクグマ

    i wouldn’t trust them

  3. Basketball Bros 101

    Either this was recorded in like 2004 or this was recorded with a calculator

  4. 10000 subs with no videos

    These guys seem real chill for being prisoners

  5. The black Gordon Ramsay

  6. YouTube: 1080p 60fps

    Me: Doubt

  7. me : I have some lamb sauce

    Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location

  8. Gordon Ramsey is close to the diamond play button ?

  9. Who else think that those eggs look like school eggs ?????

  10. What is this iPhone quality ?

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