Conventional timber boatbuilding – deck hatches & more!


We start work inside the head, which includes the tantalizing job of striving to position the toilet itself, and we meet Pat Mahon, who begins creating the deck hatches!

In other news, we watch the Schooner Martha get elevated out of the water, and George discovers an inventive use for an original keel bolt.


Halyard Marine Exhaust –

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Boatbuilding – deck hatches & more! (EP139)


  1. I have been watching this come along long waiting to see the real boat come into view now I cant believe how beautiful it looks now. Great work

  2. Love the shots of the yard. Nothing as much fun as kicking around a boat yard, especially one with so many interesting projects. Cheers.

  3. Hi from Ledgewood Beach. I see you!

  4. Hello Leo,
    I was wonder will you test the Tally O out I. The water before launching her?

  5. Richard’s louvered doors are a work of art !!!

  6. Hey mate! Love the series! Could I suggest you add some medium (rubber) between the muffler and the bracket just to dampen the vibration through the engine?

  7. Great video. Have you done a video about what your plan is once Tally Ho has been launched? Will the channel continue?

  8. The edges of the keel are all Smush and Floove.

  9. This was a very unique and interesting video Jess and everyone you all made my day and have a wonderful day too.

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