Console Wars – BLOOD FEUD

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Albert Hutchins
Andrew Palmer
Adam Knopow

Created by ►
Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger

Animatic ►

Animation ►
Holly Gee

3D ►

Custom Sprites ►

Sound ►
Justin Greger

Ad Compositing ►
Oddest of the Odd

Translation Assistance ►
Mike Mararudo

Merch ►

Discord ►


  1. Thank you so much for using actual japanese voice actors for this. You have no idea how much of a relief this is as a Japanese person lol

  2. Wow…..good

  3. MORE, MOOORE! I need MORE!! I wanna see the new fighters, the fallen warrior Dreamcast, and al that sh*t!

  4. We need a part 2

  5. Woah- crash bandicoot 1645

  6. That was badass, but you really had to end it like that??? hope you guys continue it

  7. 3 megabytes de RAM 🤣

  8. Alexandre Pereira

    Please Part 2!

  9. Rebecca Chambers

    It’s just so accurate to like every anime out there this is why I don’t watch anime anymore it’s boring it’s the same s*** and then like Naruto especially it’s like the same episode episode after episode I will literally watch like three or four episodes and two or three of them will have the same scene reused throughout the entire one I’m like if you watch Naruto and you watch like the first part where it’s like where they’re in school training you will see the same backstory b******* for like three episodes and then they will show it again a couple of episodes after that and then again a couple episodes after that and it’s like I get it I know what happened I watched the series I’m not completely brain dead did that I need to be reminded every f****** episode because I wouldn’t know who the f*** Naruto is it’s literally the name on the f****** show for goodness sake that’s why I like you you Hakusho it didn’t treat you like your full-blown brain damaged and it wasn’t a constant exposition dump or maybe it was and I am going brain dead

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