Complete Set in 48-Hours or Lose Them All (RISKY Pokémon Card CHALLENGE)

I am in Hawaii striving to complete the whole Evolving Skies Pokémon card set in just 48 hours! It is a HUGE modern set that will not be simple. I lost the last challenge, and I truly do not want to lose again.

In addition, join me and a few of your favorite Pokémon YouTubers at the first-ever Card Party event! This is a live, in-person event I’m hosting on June 9-11, 2023, in Anaheim, CA. Check out the internet site to get tickets and see who’s coming, and look out for more announcements of fun activities and more creators coming as the date approaches! Go to:

Large thank you to Hawaii Pop Con and IslandGrown Pokemon, Dribble, and Tony, also known as. TCG_Giants for the astonishing Hawaiian hospitality. It was a tremendous adventure and an even larger task to piece together for you, so I hope you get pleasure from it!

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Pat Flynn
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  1. ☘️_I_Play_Minecraft_ ☘️

    Why does Andrew have such good cards so early 💀💀💀

  2. Pat my opinion that’s on that picture Ronaldo is better than Messi but that’s just my opinion

  3. I didnt know you went thir! I live in hawaii
    and thir was my friend!

  4. Gaming with ViKings

    Whoa that was awesome

  5. Please don’t put an alarm in ur vids, it gives me ptsd

  6. To Andrew and that is my name to

  7. And Go Andrew

  8. God I hate what grown men did to the Pokemon tcg

  9. That was Impressive!!

  10. go andrew

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