Complete Set in 2-Hours or EAT THE CHIP (Pokémon Card Challenge)

I have *2 hours* to finish up a whole set of 1999 Jungle Pokémon Cards FROM SCRATCH, or else I have to eat the ONE CHIP CHALLENGE 😬. I will be running around the SD Collectibles card show until I complete the set or the clock ticks down.

Check out the San Diego Collectibles Card Show:

Complete BASE SET in 24 hours or else…
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  1. Congrats on surviving 1hour eating the spicyest chip

  2. That mystherbe is a french card btw

  3. I really want to win this giveaway

  4. DPM I love your videos, I started collecting again because of you

  5. Took it like a champ Pat! Let’s go!

  6. Love the challenges. Cubone is the backbone of this set and only got 3 seconds of airtime.

  7. Highly

  8. Josh is a lengand

  9. Kumamadness patricio

    Must have been fun but stressful. 😊

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