Committing to Change


  1. Cristal arteaga

    Are you aware of Nikki Limo and Steven Greene video they did with Shane Dawson?

  2. Look At This Dude

    I appreciate the honesty and integrity from you guys, it takes a lot to admit to being wrong publicly. This is what growth looks like.

  3. Black fan here. I appreciate and accept the apology. It was sincere and authentic like yourselves. I’m still a fan! I love JK always keeps me laughing when I’m down!

  4. As a black fan I was never really offended because I know the intent was never to insult. It was always lighthearted and an attempt to make people happy. Keep doing u 😂❤️

  5. Derrick Gichaba

    As a black fan the joke u made I didn’t realize if they were offensive or not because Ik all your content was never meant to be negative and with y’all saying the N word I completely understand that in past if u grew up with that lifestyle we would allow you to say it but know is different times. I appreciate this apology because it was sincere and not a “sob sorry” thank you JK

  6. You guys haven’t made skits in years. You cancelled yourself.

  7. I’m a black girl who has been watching JK for years. In the past I’ve definitely been frustrated and upset by some comments that had been made but I really liked you guys and felt that if I would be able to have that conversation with y’all that you would understand. I’m so happy to see the growth and the change in perspective and the empathy you’ve shown along with your accountability. Love y’all!

  8. You’re supporting a racist movement that’s what blm is

  9. yall my niggas bro

  10. I have a feeling that the quality of the videos will worsen, but either way I’ll continue watching!
    Like Barts blackface wasn’t racist at all, he wasn’t making fun of black features he just imitated. Did he do white face and “yellow-face” as well? In my opinion it was tasteful like in Tropic thunder!

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