coming tidy

This is a really nasty q&a.


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  1. “Do you believe any conspiracy theories?”
    Ghost frantically shaking the apt: IM WORKING ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As Told By Bianca

    😂 Yay!

  3. Jacqulyn Fletcher

    Yasss! that red wig!!!

  4. Mykie, please, use soap and water too for your brushes. Alcohol can damage your brushes if you use it every time to clean them, specially if they have natural hair.

  5. take what i say with a grain of salt
  6. Bee boop

  7. the red hair is gorgeous! makes me want red hair again

  8. You look so gorgeous pale 💕💕💕

  9. 6:48 like tell me Mykie didn’t go full Kelly Kapoor voice in that moment. We love we stan <3

  10. “Do the carpets match the drapes??” Unfortunately something we gingers have all heard, especially the women 😕 my usual answer… “Nope, the carpet is green” then walk away 😁

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