Comic-Con Extended Trailer | House of the Dragon (HBO)

Targaryens are nearer to Gods than to adult males. #HouseoftheDragon premieres August 21 on @HBOmax.


  1. Stop this madness and just write the damn book!

  2. When the show has finished airing, when the reviews are done, when all the YT short clip vids have been made, maybe just maybe I’ll watch, but not on HBO as I’m not over GOT just yet.


    El fuego REINARA pronto se viene la serie que apuesta todo 🔥

  4. A black Targeryan oh my gosh, why ?

  5. Nursultan Nazarov

    This storyline is after Game of Thrones or before it?

  6. I hope we get a glimpse of the big 3….Balerion, Vhagar, and Meraxes

  7. There’s a lot of Amazon bots prowling in the comments.

  8. I still have PTSD from the last season of the first series. I expect nothing of this.

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