COD: Modern Warfare 2019 – Things the Trailer DOESN’T Tell You

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) has been declared as a reboot to the beloved franchise. We got to look at it behind closed doors and we have got info beyond the trailer.


  1. Jake got to see gameplay in action, so here’s as much info as we could get.

  2. I haven’t been hyped for a COD game in YEARS. Finally it seems like we’re getting a genuinely good game again from the series

  3. This all sounds fkin amazing. I just hope what you saw is the actual game and not some PR game like Watch Dogs, The Division, etc.

  4. The game is called COD : Pay to Win Warfare ?

  5. All the youtubers are selling this game

  6. Salvador Maitland

    Looks like they integrated the leaning maneuver from rb6. Am I correct? Just looks like it in one of the scenes with the pistol

  7. I thought they were going to remaster MW2 for the 10 year anniversary but this is acceptable.

  8. No screaming children in the gamechat?

  9. Soap better fly in on a surfboard with a gatling gun!

  10. I can’t believe you managed to actually make me excited for this shit… but I highly doubt that the tean that fucked over the MW remaster with lootboxes and skins and that decided to skip the last singleplayer gives a shit about telling great and compelling stories of war as they did with the best CoD, 4.

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