CNL 2022 Highlights | United States vs Grenada


👀 Enjoy the finest of this night’s game between 🇺🇸 United States and 🇬🇩 Grenada.

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  1. I thought we were done with Jordan Morris since 2017 after Jermaine Jones put him on blast saying Jones didn’t want to play in Europe after he was called because he has a girlfriend and dog in Seattle.

  2. Carlos Mosqueda

    👏🏼🇺🇸 great job Usa . Great job to Granada 🇬🇩 as well for holding off the US as long as they could 👏🏼

  3. UndyingKnowledge

    I know Ferreira is not the best, he seemed good here because of the level of the opponent. But let me ask you all, do you think he is the best we got as a #9 or is there someone else you prefer. Ive seen some people mention playing someone else who doesnt normally play in that position such as Weah. I know this might be a stretch, especially since he hasnt been making goals, but just like Ferreira has good off the ball movement, ive always liked how Josh Sargent seems to at least be a nhisance for the opponents up front. Do you think he would do good but maybe in a formation where we have 2 up front? Your ideas?

  4. FarawayTundra008

    Ferreira is like Werner for Chelsea misses loads of sitters but occasionally has a game where he gets goals

  5. It’s Grenada relax. Ferreira is still trash

  6. Where is the fukkknnn. Pulasic ?

  7. Damn Ferreira and arríala representing Texas well! More home games in Texas please!

  8. Honestly, if GB is going to stubbornly stick with Ferreira instead of bringing in Pefok, then it’s good to see he can score this many goals against Grenada.

  9. por qué no gritan los goles?

  10. real "Echo" Ethan Do It All

    I wish I can say that I am impressed but, this would have been another USMNT embarrassing loss by an island nation. The Mexico win was impressive though!

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