Clemson Tigers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets | Full Game Highlights

The Clemson Tigers conquered the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 41-10, in Week 1 of the university football normal season on Monday. DJ Uiagalelei threw for 209 YDS and 1 TD while Will Shipley led the Tigers in dashing with 42 YDS and 2 TDs in their win.


  1. This is hard watching DC….he looks the part and I know that he has the tools, but he’s not willing to pull the trigger unless the receiver is open with 7 yards to spare

  2. DJ looked just as goofy as last year. Indecisive, hesitant, easy to tackle, stares down receivers, played scared. You will see the freshman starting before too long…lay your bets. If Dabo and Clemson stick with DJ, expect another 3+ loss season, despite having one of the easiest schedules in all of College football. Sure they play 4 “ranked” teams, but those are pre-season rankings. Let’s see where those ranked teams are at the end of the year…all will be unranked. Another Joke schedule, another Overly Hyped Clemson team, led by the biggest Joke of all DJ.

  3. Pollys has been a big part of football since it was introduced to the pasifika, foos still can’t pronounce our peoples names. Common man.

  4. The Defense did look good, but against a lowest tier ACC team…a double whammy. Let’s see how they fare when they play a really good team…oh wait…they don’t play ANY real good teams, lol. Maybe they’ll make the playoffs and then get exposed. Either way, they suck as an offense, led by the most overrated QB in the Nation.

  5. Clemson shouldn’t be ranked. They look worse than last year.

  6. clemson sucks

  7. They can do better at rb than Shipley he’s not that good to me

  8. SuperSirianRigel (AdamNetherton)

    Why the heck is this trending? Clemson won AS EXPECTED. There is nothing exciting about that. I don’t have cable, so I didn’t watch the game and didn’t look up the score either. So, when I saw this was trending, I thought maybe Georgia Tech had upset them. lol. How disappointing these highlights were. lol.

  9. How does Clemson win 41 to 10 basically on the road and drops to #5 Michigan moves up to #4 by beating who Colorado St at home and moved up 4 spots doesn’t make sense

  10. i ate at burger king

    Might be time to make switch at the qb position at Clemson

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