Ciryl Gane was frightened of Jon Jones…

Chael Sonnen supposes Ciryl Gane was frightened of Jon Jones on this episode of Beyond the Fight

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  1. Chael is so envious of Jon, Jon is the goat and Chael was a journeymen. And a loser

  2. Nice home brother

  3. Cheal Id like to see who Cyrill thinks is the best fighter Ngannou or Jones

  4. Hair looking Good OG

  5. Albert Gonzalez

    He was paid to take that loss pretty obvious…😂

  6. Gane knew he he was going to be taken down by Jon,- and he also knew he did not even have Junior HS level wrestling and he’d be toast once that happened. I doubt Gane comes back from this loss. Unless they put him with a number 15 HW he may win, but anyone in the top 5, they have figured out once they take him down, there’s nothing he can do. Curtis Blaydes and Tom Aspinal will absolutely murder Gane. I see two things in Gane’s future, 1) He remains a gatekeeper, 2) Dana cuts him after his third loss 3) He retires right now and goes back to kickboxing. He has no real future in MMA, the guy just does not have heart, he folds once the fight is not going his way.

  7. Yup I got that same feeling during pre fight interview but I did think he could be nervous just in general of being on tv interview

  8. Completely agreed….
    Ciryl is my favorite…. But 3 years Bones had to plan his change in weight class, propelled to a 5- round championship fight as a favor from Dana White… Ciryl didn’t really have enough time to prepare for all the trickery that is thought of by coaches, consultants, that Bones could employ.
    And, Bones, in Sin City, so-called, thought Jesus Christ – his savior – had forgiven him due to repentance; and sure enough: a miracle happened – Ciryl tried a heavy blow, AND Bones wasn’t there (he was behind him!)
    Nganou was the opponent that Dana White wanted for Bones….. Hearsay is that for 3 years Dana tried to make that fight….. (which is a lie, for Bones was not then ready at Heavyweight). I suspect that Nganou wasn’t offered enough money to warrant fighting someone dirty without a history of fighting at Heavyweight- someone who would be permitted to jump all the guys in the top 10 or 5 in that division, all the way to the top, flyiny way over guys who have been injured somewhat as they risk more and more in order for a chance at the Heavyweight Belt.
    Totally unfair, in my mind.

  9. Haha he wasnt scared he just got paid to take a dive its easy as that, ufc fixes fight all the time, that choke was as fake as nate diaz vs tony, ufc is nothing but a big joke that idiots believe is reality

  10. Well if you knew you were going again someone that has a history of so many positive drug test at gotten away with intermittent positive drug test, there has had years of perfecting illegal eye poking technique and that is pretty scary

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