Ciryl Gane says he’s “not a Jon Jones fan” in advance of UFC 285 title fight | Check In w/ Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier sits down with prior UFC heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane in advance of his UFC 285 title struggle against Jon Jones. Gane says he’s a “better striker” than Jon Jones and proved why he’s not just a pretty kid against Tai Tuivasa. Plus, DC tells Gane he can take him one on one in basketball and Ciryl says he’s up for the challenge!

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  1. That balance shit aint ginna work with jon jones. You better be ready .

  2. 2 bums wishing they could be like jones 😂

  3. I think Ciryl can challenge Wonder Boy for NMF (nicest mf) Belt.

  4. DC was a better wrestler than Jones on paper, but it’s mma. Jones is great at blending everything together and combines that with a high fight IQ, a great chin, and the warrior mindset. It will be hard to beat that even considering his three year layoff.

  5. Ciryl is the French DC

  6. i hope cyrly wins…he is so humble and nice. not given to trashing and being sneaky with disrespectful snide statements. i hope its a UD or KO and i hope it goes the whole 5 rounds, so is no doubts

  7. Where is Slim Trabelsi ??? He will knockout or submission this guy max 2 rounds

  8. Pleassseeeeeeeew bring jon to these

  9. I like this guy. He is really. A nice guy. I think. He will lose but I would. Be happy for him. If he would. Win.

  10. I like Ciryl but he’s not gonna beat Jones.
    I have seen Ciryl fight Francis and he just came up short.
    He will come up short again.

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